We work directly with the producer of a wonderful oil. It is located in Colombia. For CareLab it is essential to be in direct contact with the producer because it is a guarantee of quality. The guarantee of an environmentally friendly product, which remunerates farmers at its fair value and which extracts 100% pure oil.

Product story

Cacay oil has been used for thousands of years by communities living in the Amazon as an emollient, to heal burns, irritations and to improve the healing process.

Kahai oil is obtained from the nuts of the Cacay tree through cold pressing extraction (German technology). It is a special process that preserves all its generative and antioxidant properties. This makes it possible to obtain a completely pure and virgin oil.

This beautiful project was rewarded in 2013 and 2017 during the prestigious international fair in-Cosmetics Paris and London respectively.

In 2013 received the prize for the most innovative project " Innovation award" and in 2017 the prize for developing a project around an eco-responsible model " Sustanibility award" .

Why is it an Innovative Oil?

This remarkable project started 10 years ago. When curiosity prompted people to go deep into the Amazon to uncover the hidden secrets of the world's largest ecosystem.

Once inside, they became interested in the unusual characteristics of a community of indigenous people in the Amazon. They discovered that despite their extreme living conditions (exposed to bad weather such as tropical storms, tropical insects, the difficulty of crossing a dense forest for all their movements) this community did not present any particular burn marks or large scars. . On the contrary, their hair was shiny and hydrated, their skin luminous, smooth and slightly wrinkled.

Day after day they noticed that there was the same routine around a particularly large and robust tree, the Cacay tree. They collected their nuts for two things: eating it and crushing it until they obtained pure Cacay oil, which they applied all over their faces and bodies.

This is how the best kept secret of the Amazon has been shared by the beautiful and magnificent nature. Even more surprisingly, at the time there was no organized production of this tree in any country in the world. Following this incredible discovery, serious analyzes were required in order to scientifically validate what had emerged from this great experience.

On the one hand, the samples of Cacay oil went to Germany to do the tests of effectiveness and on the other hand the production of Cacay began to be organized in "Orinoquia" in the beautiful country of Colombia. !