My name is Monica Valencia. I was born in Colombia about thirty years ago, I have lived in France for 12 years, I am married and I have 2 children.

I am a woman with a strong desire to share the best of my culture in an eco-responsible framework and in this spirit I founded CareLab!

How did the idea of ​​founding CareLab come about?

Who is Carelab?

The inspiration for the sector came thanks to a work experience in the cosmetics sector that I had in France. I was the Business Development Manager for a French Laboratory that manufactured chemical molecules. When I presented my range there are 2 things that marked me:

On the one hand, when I was talking about the origin of manufacturing, I started my speech by saying that my active ingredient was inspired by nature, which was true because chemists analyzed the molecular structure of a naturally moisturizing product and reproduced it in the laboratory to make it more effective. So why not simply use a naturally effective and differential product.

On the other hand, the fact of releasing an average of twenty cosmetic products for a beauty routine. Knowing that it is not necessary.

So I wanted to offer a natural, effective, responsible and minimalist choice!

What does CareLab mean?

In French it means 'to take care'. I want the products or raw materials offered by CareLab to be environmentally friendly, effective and 100% natural.

Because the spirit of our company is the search for novelties, innovation from the Amazon, the Andes Cordillera and all the other areas rich in biodiversity located in Latin America.