Who are you ? What events have marked your life the most?

I want to show through my business what I have become and what I believe in. This is why I would like to share my values ​​with you and I hope from the bottom of my heart to be able to pass them on to you on a daily basis!

Here is a summary of my story and the major decisions that have marked my life, as well as my professional career:


To start, I decided to go to one of the biggest cities in Colombia to go to law school. I come from a small town in Colombia and this was a big change for a 16 year old girl. I succeeded in this first project thanks to the confidence and the efforts of my parents who agreed to let me go very young.

Positivity and perseverance

Then, I decided to go to the United States to do an internship. I didn't know anyone and I spoke average English. I left when I was 20, lived in New York for a year and worked in a chamber of commerce which aimed to promote trade between the United States and Latin America.

I worked there on a voluntary basis from Monday to Friday (because paying an intern is not mandatory there) and on the weekends I worked as a waitress in a restaurant to help me pay my daily expenses. Thanks to the result of my work, I got a job offer to come and manage a start-up in France.


When I arrived in France, I was 23, I didn't speak a single word of French and I didn't know anyone. But I arrived with all my dreams and my professional ambition in this beautiful country. A long way but so rewarding!

Who are the people who have influenced your life the most?

Without a doubt, my parents.

My father is a remarkable man. A true leader!

4 times elected deputy in Colombia, much appreciated and admired by all for the consistency of his words and actions. A very intelligent and wise person. He transmitted to me the fear of God and I thank him enormously for that because it is my main source of courage, confidence and positivity !

My mother is a sensitive and courageous being. She is extremely passionate , it's incredible the energy she deploys to carry out a project. It federates and transmits a huge desire to excel!