Photo Protective Fluid

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Photo Protective Fluid


Very high protection


To ensure effective photo protection, this fluid benefits from an ingenious formulation to act on the surface of the skin, which requires a very special design. It associates:

-An ideal combination of photostable filters covering a very broad spectrum and providing UVA and UVB protection against pigment spots, melasma (pregnancy mask).

-Vitamin E, a powerful anti-oxidant that will prevent the oxidation of the skin's sebum, thus protecting it from long-term skin damage.

Composition of Active Principles

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On which parts of the body can the product be applied?

The sunscreen is applicable on the face and body. But its 50ml format is ideal for focusing on the face area.

What is the frequency of use during the day?

Sunscreen is applied once a day in the morning at the end of the beauty routine and before makeup.

What results does this product provide? (on the skin, wrinkles, etc.)

Sunscreen is a product used preventively and not curatively. this means that the result at the time of application will not be on the correction or treatment of a skin problem but earlier to avoid the appearance of imperfections or pigment spots on an exposed area. However, the texture is very pleasant because it is not greasy and at the time of application the product creates a screen (absorbed quickly) which makes the product more effective.

Is the product suitable for all skin types?

Nuhanciam products take into consideration all the specificities and needs of skin types III (slightly matte skin) to VI (dark brown or black skin). This does not mean that the products are not recommended for people with fair skin, however the effectiveness and the formulation has been tested mainly on a group of subjects who have a tendency to develop more pronounced hyperpigmentation. This allows us to conclude that if the products are effective with the more difficult cases they will be very useful for the less severe cases. Yes, but if irritation occurs, you must stop the product and contact your doctor.

Is the product suitable for all age groups?


Can pregnant women use the product?

Yes all products can be used by pregnant women

Do you test your products on animals?

None of our products are tested on animals.

All our products have been clinically tested by third-party and totally independent laboratories, under strict and reliable conditions.